Merging 2 data tables to Save in a CSV

Hello Bubblers,

I have created a Trade Marketing visits CRM for a Vape Trading company. For several reasons I had to create a table called clients into bubble. But this app also feeds data from core ERP generally for analytics purposes. I.e I tie Agent with monthly sales … In one case I have a RG called Clients overthere I show info form Clients table but there are also 2 columns that come from API and those are: Clients Region and Responsible Agent.

Now I use 1T plugin to create Dynamic CSV’s but when the I want to download in CSV I have no clue how to ADD those two columns that come from API to this CSV accordingly !


Eli’s @eli plugin works as far as I know with dB items. Consider creating dB entries from the data coming in from the API

Thanks man! This is my last Option though, but definitely it seems like I am headed towards it. Since I see that you have some experience with this plug in I have another Fix i need to make. In this excel some of the columns are a list of things, I need them to show in the appropriate column, but currently these shows as seperate rows, any clue how can I set all related reposnses from a list of things into 1 column in excel. Currently these things are refrenced into the Clients Table ?

… no idea

@ilirkras You will need to use the Create CSV from JSON action to create a custom CSV export like this.

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