Export data to your Excel template with Excel Templates files

:star2: Introducing “Excel Templates” - The Ultimate Bubble Plugin for Data Export :star2:

Are you a Bubble app developer looking to elevate your data export game? Look no further! Excel Templates is the plugin you’ve been waiting for, and it’s here to revolutionize the way you export data from your Bubble app.

:zap: Export like a PRO :zap:
Gone are the days of manually copying data into Excel sheets. With Excel Templates, export your Bubble data to prebuilt Excel sheets, complete with formulas, formatting, and more. Instantly generate advanced reports, charts, and dashboards with just a few clicks!

:dart: Key Features :dart:
:one: Customizable Templates: Create your own templates to fit your specific needs and export your data to them.

:two: Seamless Integration: Excel Templates works flawlessly with your Bubble app, so you can focus on what’s important - your data.

:three: One-Click Export: Just one click, and your data is automatically exported to the chosen Excel template, with formulas and formatting intact.

:four: Time Saver: Spend less time on tedious data transfers and more time on what matters - analyzing, optimizing, and growing your business!

:rocket: Turbocharge your Bubble app data export with Excel Templates TODAY! :rocket:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work smarter, not harder. Empower your Bubble app with Excel Templates and experience a seamless, efficient, and hassle-free data export process.

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And make the most out of your Bubble app data.

Excel Templates - Data Export, Redefined!

Demo: Excel Templates

Editor: Excel Templates | Bubble Editor

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Can now choose different sheets to export data to within your templates.

Major Update

  1. Updated to plugin version 4
  2. Added feature:
    a. Ability to export data across multiple sheets in your excel files.
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New feature

  1. Export images to your excel templates.