🤌 Excel / XLSX Creator PRO

[pending Bubble’s approval]

Ladies. Gents. We’re going full-circle: from one no-code platform to the OG of no-code platforms. You can now create and export Excel speadsheets with multiple tabs.

Bubble in the streets
Excel in the sheets

How it works

  1. Run action to create worksheet
  2. Repeat step 1 as many times as you need it
  3. Run action to create a workbook and pipe those previous steps into together with the titles of each tab.
  4. Create a file from it.
  5. Spam the world with your newly found superpowers :superhero:

Also built on top of the shoulders of giants

If you know how to use the 1T CSV Creator, you know how to use this.


While waiting for Bubble to approve, DM me your app’s id and I’ll add the plugin to your app for free.