Exporting a group to PDF?

Hello everyone!

I’m writing to you today because I have a little problem with a feature I’m trying to develop on Bubble: PDF export.

To sum up the situation, I am creating a CRM / ERP for craftsmen. The app allows to create quotes and invoices. So far, everything works perfectly.

The quotations and invoices objects are well stored in the database, and I allow users to view them in a dedicated page containing a group that looks like a real invoice / quotation.

What I would like to do: allow my users to export this page (or this group, present in the page) in PDF format to be able to download their quotes and invoices.

I’ve already done a lot of research but I’m a bit lost in front of the multitude of plugins available. My attention has been focused on “Bubble element to PDF” (but the result is very blurry) and “PDF Conjurer” (but I haven’t fully understood how this one works yet!).

Has anyone already done this on one of their apps and could then enlighten me or give me some hints?

I specify that for the moment this feature is mostly a test, so if there is a free solution it’s great.

Thank you in advance and have a nice evening! :grin:

I use Zeroqode’s “Bubble Page to PDF” plugin for small single-page PDFs that user’s just need to make on demand. The output from this plugin is really sharp, just takes some setup so it generates with the correct filename, page size, etc. I made a dedicated PDF page so it’s laid out exactly how I want (not intended for user interaction only for PDF generation).

Then I have another part of the app where a multi-page report needs to be generated no matter what, so I use Bubble’s “SelectPDF” plugin with a monthly fee of $19 for the API (allows 2000 conversions a month for that plan). Same concept, a dedicated page for PDF only. That one I can run in the backend workflows so when a user clicks a button they can navigate away from the page and it continues to create the PDF server-side.

My multi-page reports show a list that spans multiple pages so it takes a little bit of setup so it splits up the repeating group into pages so I can have a header/footer on each page but it’s do-able.


Are there really no free plug-ins or ways to do this?

If you’re fine with a client-side PDF meaning they need to have something open on screen while it generates I still use the Zeroqode one and is well worth the $25 or whatever it was.

Since that comment I switched to CloudConvert but it is still an external service (much cheaper for me though). I needed something server-side because I need a report form to be generated every time a user fills it out regardless of their browser being open or not.

Otherwise you can do the free plugin PDF Conjurer (client and server side) but I have not personally used it other than trying to mess with it before giving up :laughing:

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