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Hi Guys

So i am dealing with this issue for a long time maybe some of you will know.
Trying to let users export a page to pdf, but the page is getting cut

I have tried two paid plugins:

  1. Bubble page to PDF by Zeroqode
  2. Advanced export to PDF by Digital Eye

The export is working I just don’t understand how to export each page in my repeating group separately so the pages will not cut
See this video

Thank you in advance!

Anyone? :slight_smile:

Hey @amitshemla :wave:

I’ve been able to do this with either one of these two plugins.

Bubble page to PDF by Zeroqode for a cheap way: here is how to do it. Page Break Help Please, Thanks in Advance! :) - Plugins - Zeroqode Forum


By using PDF Conjurer. Free

Both are difficult to figure out in different ways. Try to go with what is best for you.

Hope that helps a little bit. :blush:

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I will check this thank you so much
I prefer to work with the Zeroqode :slight_smile:

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