Exporting data to a GoogleSheet, get PDF and email it

Hi everyone - trying to find a way do something that’s driving me nuts.

I’ve setup a survey page on my bubble app and I would like to do the following once a user has filled the survey:

  • Export the data to a pre-configure GoogleSheet (sheet #1 Data_In)
  • Print in PDF the name range “Report” (sheet #2 Report_Out)
  • Attach the PDF to an email and send it to the user

If anyone has an idea on how to make this work, a great many thanks.
Have a fantastic week,

Hi Bernard :wave: There are a couple of paid plugins that help with exporting data to Google Sheets, one by Zeroqode and another by Lindsay.

Once you’ve got the data into your Google Sheet, you’d need to use Google Apps Script to generate the PDF from the sheet and send it to the user - although I’m not sure why you’d want to use Google Sheets for this rather than the saved data entry in Bubble?

Thanks @grgrsmth - I’ll look into the plugins. Didn’t knew about Google Apps Script so will also investigate.

The reason I need Google Sheeet is to create a nice looking PFD report with a couple of charts (a scatterplot being one of them) based on computations made from the data entry.

I haven’t found a proper Report Designer for Bubble but if you know of one, I’m all ears :sunglasses: