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Export data to Google spreadsheet

Hello Bubblers,

I have been looking through the forum on how I can export data from bubble to google sheets. I have block spring and a Zapier account–or however, you spell that.

Reason: I work for a small timeshare company, and I have built them a timeshare market where they can list their rentals and resales. The company has been working off of google spread sheets, and I don’t want to just rip that system out by the roots for the Agents who have been using that system for the last six years. So I would like to be able to have a spread sheet in sync with the listings data for ones who are reluctant to change. Having another backup plan would also serve as peace-of-mind for my boss because he does not like to keep all his data in one area.

I have found a ton of material on how to bring in data but not a whole lot on how to export it. If anyone knows of a step by step that would be great. I have built something some what advanced but is, for the most part, just confined to editing bubble data. I am still learning the API’s and how they work.

I thank you in advance,

Adam Aptaker

This is covered in @brentsum 's Airbnb video #11 - I don’t receive anything for pushing his stuff it’s just the best resource I’ve seen so far for learning bubble.

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Sorry for the delay…been a busy start to the week. Thank you I will take a look. I appreciate the help @joemanier

This is also good