Expressions for Google Static Image

Hi all, Mid level bubbler here.

The google api static images has become quite exhaustive to me and I desperately need help to hit a deadline.

I have recorded both api keys in general settings. Now the questions come up. I see that when I choose Google API static images for my dynamic data the parameters screen comes up beside it. With that being said do I still need to go to api plugin page and initialize a google static call??? (The “get” URL would change with each request and I cant find a common GET URL for maps static image.

I simply need one image per address to populate and I am on day 3 of trying to write the expression to have the api send pics to my RG.

I installed the google maps extended api key plugin and created a restricted api key for static images and pasted in the appropriate slot.

I simply cant seem to find the correct expression that will point google at the address in my repeating group and populate a static image…Im on enough caffeine and under enough pressure that I know I have left important details out.

Please fire away and if you will send an address for me to send my first born for your help it would be greatly appreciated!!!

I have attempted to no end to write the correct expression for this to work. there must be s flow I am missing.

The keys are populated in the parameters so the request looks Good? I think I have google ready to fire, im struggling on how to point google at the address in each cell.

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 9.56.57 AM

Same issue with zillow information. I have zillow working in the first cells lead with sqft, bedroom, bathroom etc. I cant get zillow to work correctly in the remaining cells. The api info from the first cell just repopulates through the repeating group. So I know the issue is me and these expressions. Any help with these two issues and I will be forever greatful

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 10.02.26 AM

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 10.15.38 AM

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 10.18.25 AM
I can literally show anyone what NOT to do ALL DAY LONG

I DO NOT have a google API set up in the bubble api connector…Is that still required after inputting the 2 keys in general settings, and the key in the google maps extended plugin???

Guys im on a ledge here and super is being less than patient. I am begging for help!!!

The Dynamic image should read: “Google Maps API - Static Image’s body” and thats it.

Inside the API call parameters you have to dynamically populate the Center & Markers parameters with the coordinates of your address. If you have the latitude & longitude values for that specific address, then thats great; just put them in using ‘Current cell’s Leads latitude’,‘Current cell’s Lead longitude’. Otherwise i would recommend putting a field for latitude and longitude and populating it either dynamically or manually using the google address.

However even without the dyanmic lats&longs, the map should still show up. (It would show up with the predefined coordinates in your screenshot)
Using the debug mode, selec the image and check its datasource, you should see a URL. Open it in a separate tab, usually google gives some error messages that explain why its not working. You probably don’t have the right settings on the Google Developer Portal.

Edit: I think you haven’t updated the API key to your own API key on the API call window.

To answer your last question, Yes the api is restricted to just my domain. I am going to write the short expression you wrote at the top and try…im confused on how point google at each address…You mentioned lat and long…Let me explain the work flow. We will have reps inputting information from legal notices into a form that of course creates leads…I do not have a flow in place for storing the photo that goes to that address. I thought that was something a api could do live. I figured the expression would dynamically change the lat and long per request depending on the expression written. Im a little confused


Yes the API can definitely do that live if you want it to. But in the API call you have to give it the coordinates of where you would like the static map.

Use the debug mode to inspect the Dynamic Image source. There will be an error message that will help you.

How do I give the coordinates…isnt that referenced from the current cells formatted address?

This is where you are setting up the API call. All the parameters needed for the call are in here. You cant put them after the call. The formatted address needs to go in the API call: on the (param) center input & the (param.) marker input. However as you can see, you need to input coordinates, not an address.
You have to convert the address into coordinates.