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API Connector Plugin

Hello @georgeciobanu and all ,

Anyone had success using the API connector plugin to retrieve images. I am trying to excute the following,55.3252591&zoom=16&size=270x138&scale=2&maptype=roadmap&markers=color:green|label:A|25.2593374,55.3252591&key=AIzaSyDcm9WVrUGRpisexPILpk0OkcfBP99XVTc

It works well on web but the plugin keeps producing the following error

Yes, you just put that in as the source of your image.

I tried that already but wouldn’t that expose my API key?

Not sure about that.

Could you store the image on Bubble using :Saved to S3 and then display it ?

It would, so a good way to solve this is to put that in a new thing action, save it to s3, and then i’ll work on the server. If the key is set to private, it won’t be sent to the client.

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@emmanuel & @NigelG

What do you guys mean by save it to S3. Not sure how to create this process!

In the new thing action, if the field is an image, you can pick “:Saved to s3” as the next option, which will practically copy the image to Bubble’s server.

Thanks great