Extending User Session Duration in Bubble with Auth0 Authentication

Hello Bubble Community,

I am currently implementing user authentication in my Bubble application using Auth0. While I have configured extended login expiration times on the Auth0 side, I am facing challenges with Bubble’s session management. Specifically, users are automatically logged out after 24 hours, a behavior seemingly tied to Bubble’s native login workflow. (Stay logged in toggle is not available in Auth0 API)

Here are the details of my current setup:

My question is: How can I manage and extend the login session duration in Bubble when using Auth0 for authentication? I am looking for a way to align Bubble’s session timeout with the extended duration set in Auth0.

I have read through the following discussion, but I’m still unclear about the best approach to ensure extended sessions in Bubble with Auth0 integration. Any insights, suggestions, or examples of how to effectively manage user sessions in this scenario would be greatly appreciated.

Authentication with Bearer access_token and refresh_token:

Thank you in advance for your assistance!