External API Call Data to Table Row


I have an external DB with data from AWS DynamoDB. I was able to make a API call to pull the data into Bubble and the data is accurate. I am trying to present that data into a table where each row is cell/record from one transaction; however, when I do the API call it puts all the data into one cell. See screenshot. So essentially when I pull the data via API, I want the Fiserv Sales Amount Data 1175.94 in one cell then cell below that I want 194.66, and then cell below that 1193.81 and finally last cell 78.94. Same thing for PMS Sales Amount and Difference.

Below is my logic I used the "For each Fiserv Amount. When I use the “First and Last” it pulls those items, but I want bubble to automatically pull each data put into the first row then add cells below to add the remaining data. I also want the rows to be dynamic so if there is more then 4 rows of data then table element should automatically add additional rows to match each element.

Two ways to display lists;

  • one … use the list of texts in a repeating group of type text
  • second … split the text by comma and send each item where you need to


How would I do that? I tried the first and can’t figure out how to split them by comma. Any screenshot or video would be great to reference…first time using bubble