Externally API GET to API workflow

Is there some way to perform a GET API call from an external website/app for an API workflow to run?

Hi. Yes. Connect with the API using Bubble’s API Connector plugin, set the Get call to Action, and you can use it in the workflow.

no, i mean externally. if I have an app communicating with bubble, and i want it to access an API wf through a get operation, how can I do that?

Yes, enable backend workflows in settings and create a backend API

Yea but it only enables post to access the api workflow, i want to use GET.

Hi - Can you elaborate on why you want to use GET to trigger the API workflow?

As per the documentation, I understand that you can use only POST for Workflow API and GET for Data APIs.

If you want to get data from your bubble app, you would want to try the Data API which allows the GET method on any object endpoint (that is exposed externally).

If you want to trigger API workflow, you would want to use the ‘Workflow API’ which allows only the POST method on the API workflow endpoint. In case, if you need to return some data back to the caller, you can use the action ‘Return data from API’ in the same workflow.

I hope this makes sense.

Hi Partha,

Yea i read the docs and found all that info too, the reason I’m asking is the POST API call is much less efficient then the GET API call, and because some calls to API wf are not really posting anything i would like to use get. The info I’m getting from that wf is not achievable through the DATA API, so I’m trying to understand how to get from an API wf the data but accessing it through a GET operation.

I see. As far as I can tell, that seems to be not possible. Maybe someone else can chime in, who has done anything similar.

I’m pretty sure you are attempting to do something that I have done in my integration using the Stripe API and the webhooks available within Stripe (obviously you may not be using Stripe in your use case, but the approach is the same).

  1. Setup an API call as a GET with Action so you can use it in a workflow.
  2. Setup the backend workflow to detect data (this is how you setup webhooks to be received by Bubble)
  3. In that workflow use the API GET Action

I think that your original post may indicate you are actually trying to do something different

This seems like you may actually be asking how to create a webhook from an external website/app that uses the GET function rather than a PUT. In this case, you are probably not able to do what you want since webhooks are created within the 3rd party application and the way they developed those, probably requires a PUT and you are most likely not able to make changes to the way the developers of that 3rd party app built their webhooks.

Inside of Bubble it is not possible to change the way the backend workflow receives the data either.