HOW TO: make my bubble APP able to get API calls, from a non-bubble APP, pls help!

Hello there bubblers!

I’m moving to the point that I need to expose an endpoint, as any other service to be consumed by another app (which is not bubble’s…)

Where do I can find documentation (or even better, examples) about how to expose my bubble’s API for external services consumption?

It’s a bit confusing to just guess it from the

Is there anyone willing to share some captures from a working bubble’s endpoint being called by a 3rd party service?

Please provide more context: are you looking to trigger a workflow? Get/modify data?
What are you using to connect to the API? (ie., Node, another Bubble app, etc.)

I could do a bit of that later. However, just read the whole API section of the reference. POST methods are defined as API Workflows. GET methods depend on OBJECTS (things) defined in your database. I’ve learned that you can’t define a POST (workflow) method and make it work as a GET (much is the pity).

Anyway, POST operations are very flexible in Bubble. GETs less so.

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