Extract text from a string

Hi Bubble & Text experts!

Does anyone know how I can extract/parse/find a specific character in text that is entered into a text field?
An API I am running returns “subjects” in the following form: /parent_subject/child_subject.
I would like to be able to take that subject and extract only the “child_subject” text.
The categories are always separated by a / and there can be more than one parent category.

“/automotive and vehicles/electric vehicles” —> electric vehicles
“/business and industrial/energy/electricity” —> electricity

I think I know how I would do this in Excel or GoogleSheets (a series of find and trim functions) but I am a bit stuck in Bubble.
Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Thank you,

Try Blockspring Text Utilities


Hey cool! Thank you!
Yep: Split Text by Custom Separator in Text Utilities seems to be a start in the right directions.
Am able to separate the string by using / as a custom separator.


Did you have to subscribe after trial end?