Extract with Regex: Output seems correct but format is jumbled up

Hello! I have searched for answers on the forums but couldn’t find any help for this issue.

I am building an application that helps users target their resumes to job openings by finding missing skills in their resume that appear in the job description.

To do this, I am taking a 2 step approach. The first step is to match the job description with a huge dataset of skills (approximately 28k records) and return the skills found in the job description. The second step is to look for those returned skills in the users resume and show the user the the skills that are missing from their resume. (There is a further step which reviews resume formatting and calculates a match score but it is beyond the scope of this question).

My thinking is to use the :extract with regex operator for step 1.

This screenshot shows the dynamic expression using :extract with regex

This screenshot shows the regex pattern which includes the skills dataset. I am pretty sure this is where I am getting it wrong, so any advice here would be appreciated.

And finally this is how the output is showing up. Notice all the commas and weird formatting:

Note 1: I have tried a much smaller regex expression of only 3 keywords also separated by | and the output was legible, but returned duplicates (i.e. it returned like 5 “finance” etc.) so help on eliminating this would also be very helpful.

Note 2: Dataset is not currently in database.

Thank you so much wonderful Bubble community!!!

Hi @mahmoud.tello I have tried to replicate your case scenario, I am not having multiple commas in mine, I don’t know why that is. I am using the latest rich text editor by bubble. I also tried it in a multiline dropdown, I still did not see multiple commas in the result.

To prevent answers from repeating themselves, you can use bubble constraint :unique elements

Here are images describing what I have done:

Thank you @iwakinomotoye for taking the time to look at this!

I am also using the same rich text plugin. Just out of curiosity, how many different skills did you put in the regex pattern? Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your output?


Edit: Also how did you try it in a multiline dropdown? Can you share what you did as well?

I did not add much skills , I added only the skills that were visible in the image. I didnt use multiline dropdown, I used multiline input, which is like a textarea input.

Here is a screenshot of my result:

I tried adding :unique elements and it fixed it! Thank you so much!!

That’s lovely!!

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