EZ Dashboard + OpenAI Quota has ended

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing great!

Here’s my problem:

I’m building an app in which in created a form. I setup a custom API call using the Bubble API Connector Plugin to send the form’s inputs data to my n8n instance.

When I hit the button that’s supposed to trigger the following workflow:
Perform a POST API Call (to n8n) >> Refresh page

The following error message appears:

“Our quota for demo requests has ended. After installing the template, you will need to add your OpenAI keys to the plugin and it will start working according to this scenario, as described”

Here’s a screenshot of the error message if it can help you understand:

My problem is that this workflow is not supposed to use OpenAI. Moreover the messages asks me to add my OpenAI credentials what I did: I added my OpenAI keys and initialized the pre-made API calls.

So the things I would like to understand are:

  • Do this notification comes from Bubble or from my template’s editor?
  • How to make it stop or work again?

Template Used: EZ Dashboard + OpenAI

Lots of thanks in advance folks, wish y’all a great day :sun_with_face:

Hello @anthony11 Welcome to the community!

One way would to use the step by step debugger so that you can identify where that toastMessage comes from. It does not seem like a Bubble system message so you should be able to pinpoint what is triggering it.

Hey @cmarchan !

Thank you for your advice I could salf handle that in 5 minutes.

The issue’s origin is very simple. Some of my API call parameters’ values were empty, and the relevant “optional” checkboxes in the API Connector Plugin weren’t ticked!

Thank you again, have a good evening! :blush:

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Second problem identified afterward for the next ones facing the same problem:

The notification seems to be triggered only when you identify as the Demo User

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