Facebook friends not working

I am able to successfully log into my app with Facebook, but I can’t seem to get the list of friends.

Even trying to display a count of friends in a text label returns a value of 0.

Is there a known issue with retrieving Facebook friends? If the platform fully supports it please give me some pointers - there is nothing that I can see about this in the documentation.


Facebook only let’s you see your list of friends who also have connected to a particular app. This was a change made some time ago. What you can do is create multiple Facebook test users and login as one of them in your app. Make sure they have been connected to your app as well.

Thanks Scott, will try that.

If you can’t view a list of friends that are not already connected to the app, then how would a user invite friends to the app? Assuming FB has a way to do this, is it supported by the Bubble FB plugin?

Just so it’s not misleading, a FB test user is one created through the developer portal, and is not a throw away account.

As for inviting friends, you can have the user share a post to their timeline that directs others to a page in your app. The inability to individual notify “unconnected” friends is to help prevent spam, as far as I know.

It’s the type of app that requires personal invites, so in that case it seems that email invites will be the way to go for now.

Thanks for the help anyway Scott…

Hi Scott - how exactly do I access that list of friends? I want to display a list of friends that are using my app to the current user, is that possible? If not, is there a way I can see that relationship in bubble or in facebook?

@scott I’d also like a user to be able to see their list of friends, then click into one of them, which will then list that friend’s interests, hobbies etc, which they enter through a form I’ve created. Is this possible? If so, what actions would be used?

Hi @tmayernick,

I’ve made some headway with this, thanks to Emmanuel.

  1. After adding the Facebook Plugin, go to Plugins>Facebook and next to ‘Scope’ select “With Friends”.
  2. You then need to sign up to Facebook Developers and create your app on their side. Add in the App API and Secret keys from the FB Developers page of your app, into the Fb plugin in Bubble.
  3. Create your Fb login actions in Bubble.
  4. In your App within Fb Developers, create some Test Users via Settings>Roles>Test Users. Sign in to your app to add these test users to your app (you can only show Fb friends who have signed up to your app). Now you should be able to do a friend count and show a list of friends.
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Hi mccjon,

I’m trying to do something similar, and I’ve been able to create the friends count but not the list of friends.

Do you know what action I should use to show the list of friends (who are logged into through Facebook on the platform)?


Hi Michael,

If you’ve been able to create the Friends count then it looks like your connection to Facebook is working, which is good.

If I understand what you’re trying to do (show a user a list of their friends, who are also users), then you could create a repeating group (Type of Content = “Facebook Profile”; Data Source = “Current User’s Facebook’s Friends”) - this will pull through all of their friends. Then in the first cell you could insert a Text (eg “Current Cell’s Facebook Profile’s First Name”) and a picture (eg “Current Cell’s Facebook Profile’s Picture”)

Does this answer your question?

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Hi @mccjon, I understand that a FB App Review is now required to enable the user_friends functionality. Unfortunately, after following all these steps I’m not able to get a friends count for a test user who has logged into my app and accepted the permissions (the test users’ ‘friends’ have also done the same).

My hunch is that it has something to do with the fact the log in permissions screen does not explicitly ask my test user to authorize access to user_friends, despite my changing the facebook plugin’s scope to ‘with friends’.

Have you since gone through the App Review process and is the friends function still working for you?


I am getting an error about Invalid Scopes: user_friends. Seems like user_friends might be deprecated?


Or does the app have to go live and be reviewed by FB for friends functionality to work at all?

Looks like that is the case. user_friends permission requires application review by Facebook. This requires setting up a test version of your app on the fb dev portal, creating the aforementioned test users, friending them to each other in the settings there, logging in as them in-browser, then logging into your app with them, and creating/testing and functionality set up in your Bubble app to take advantage of fb friends. This then all has to be demo’d for the Facebook review process, and approved for a live production app.