Facebook Friends List Very Slow to Pull In

I have the Facebook plugin installed for Facebook login (which is working) and on an invite page, I have use the Plugin to fetch a list of Facebook friends that are also registered on my app. It’s taking about 30-40 seconds for my Facebook friends to populate (there are about 30 total Facebook friends).

Does anyone know how to even begin to troubleshoot this?

Also, I tested by removing my filter as well and the Facebook friends load just as slowly.

how did you get their facebook frends

I have Facebook Friends as an option. It might be related to how you set up your Facebook app in your Facebook developer account. There might be certain settings or permissions you need to enable.

@jeff5 did you ever get it to load faster?

It seems like it is a bit faster - like 10 to 15 seconds now, but that’s still an eternity for someone waiting these days. To help things, on page load I just retrieve the total number of their Facebook Friends are using the app and display something like “You have 29 Facebook Friends using this app” and then a button below to “Load Facebook Friends”. The friends list actually starts to load on page load but is hidden until someone clicks that “Load Facebook Friends” button and then once they click that (depending on how quick they click it after they get to this page) the wait doesn’t seem like it is quite as long to the end user.

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That’s super smart actually. I think I’ll do something similar, thanks!

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I detailed some of the hoops for getting Facebook user_friends up and running over here:
Facebook friends not working?

I’m building an event app with FB friends hooked in.

For my repeating group in my Bubble app, I have set it to
Data source: Current User's Facebook's Friends's Bubble User's Events:filtered
Then in each cell, I have elements that do searches:
Current cell's Event's Participants intersect with Current User's Facebook's Friends's Bubble User, which can have :count added on, or :items until ##.

Assuming a user’s friends list isn’t huge, I am guessing this isn’t too computationally expensive to pull down.
My repeating group is populating very quickly, but I have not set up 30+ users yet. I’ll see if I can test multiple approaches once I have more test data and users. It’s likely smarter to get the friends once and avoid multiple searches.

I tried to do some conditional visibility stuff with elements based on the user’s Facebook friends, and it didn’t seem to work consistently, so I think there are definitely still performance considerations when interfacing with FB.