Facebook Login Code and Token via Bubble Plugin

Hey sorry if this has been covered I spent a few hours looking last night but couldn’t quite get the answer I was looking for…
Basically I have implemented Facebook login no problems, but I want to capture the code and turn it into a user token…

Firstly is this possible with the bubble plugin during or after the login process without doing a second verification.

I know how to do this manually via the API connector but then I can’t figure out how to create a new user that can log in with facebook without creating a password…

Why do you need the token ? Bubble stores it and uses it on your behalf ?

But no, you either have to “roll your own” and store the token etc (which means you don’t get the signup) or use Bubble and not have deeper access.

The alternative is to use Auth0.com as the Bubble SSO and then grab the token. Shout if you want to know how.

So I wanted to token to use it to gain more info from facebook such as friends lists further down the road…

I thought maybe the generic callback url may be able to help??

BTW thanks for the reply Nigel good to see you still helping everyone, you’ve been around on the forum longer than me. Good job mate!!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

The code is a one time use sadly. So you can’t use it again to get the token.

So you either have to use the Bubble SSO - and then put the Facebook API calls in there, or as you say, use the generic call back, grab the code and get the token yourself.

Facebook have made it a lot more difficult to get things like friends lists now. Good luck :slight_smile:

I might cross the bridge when I get there then and stick with the generic facebook login…

Do you know anything about sharing things from the bubble app to facebook messenger. In particular I want people to be able to send an invite through messenger to their friends. Basically the weblink with a little text… I’ve had limited success with a html element overlaid on a icon sending the link but havent had any luck adding the text

Not one I have done, sorry.