[NEW FREE PLUGIN] - Bubble User Access Token

Bubble User Access Token


This plugin helps you get your bubble User’s access token. This is useful for authenticating your user’s in API workflows and creating Backend as a Service type apps in Bubble.

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You don’t need a plugin for this.

You just use anything, then:
Get data from URL on the key "resume"

That’s it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Want other ways to get it?

When you setup a session on your app you get a cookie! Another way you can get your session ID is by checking your cookies and looking for the cookie named:

KEY: your_app_name_u1main - the value is the session cookie UUID.

Now note, this cookie name changes based on live and dev version, so keep that in mind!

EDIT Just keep doing your thing man, I’m just playing with you. I have many plugins that have tiny uses as well that can be made basically instantly, that I also utilize for my own projects.


Make a Bubble Function (with the ToolKit plugin), return a text, name it whatever.

On page load, add an action for Run javascript, add this (without the dots…):

const uuid = window.bubble_session_uid;
if (uuid) {

Now this will return the UUID to the bubble_fn you created. You can now do something with that value with its states! :slight_smile:

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Show me this’n

I love you.

Does that mean you’re not going to show me? I literally tried it and nothing happened. Was just curious. Sorry if my use of the word this’n offended you. It’s what we call in the English language an informal contraction of “this one”.

Wait you really want to try my other ways? I’m confused, haha. If you want me to give you a demonstration on my alternatives, I would gladly show you. Cookies is one way to grab it, then javascript is another. Your plugin ideally would be the best alternative if you don’t want to deal with any actual code, so it’s a good idea :slight_smile:

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Yes I was genuinely trying to understand the url one ha. That’s why I first said “Nawl” like no way you’re trolling me. But I don’t text very well and I’m bad at expressions. And I make up my own words and expect everyone to understand what I meant.

So how is your first solution done?

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Sure, I’ll make you some examples! :slight_smile:
Give me a few moments.

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Session UUID Grabber | Ghost Codes (bubbleapps.io)

EDITOR: gc-tips | Bubble Editor

If you have any questions, let me know! :slight_smile:

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And you can authenticate as a user with this when running api calls on a bubble backend?

Don’t see why not

Cuz there is an actual access token you get from bubble for this. So was just wondering. Cuz there’s only 1 documented way to retrieve the token and expiry.