Facebook Login Issue - OAuth

Hi everyone,

I read a lot of article on this but I am still stuck with this after trying everything I could.

I get this error when testing my Login button in Preview Mode

Here are my Facebook setting

If you have any idea what is causing this I would be super grateful.

Thanks !

Has your FB app been validated by FB?

I can’t do the individual verification, do you think it is from there @Christophe_HK

I think, yes…

It’s because your redirect URI is entered incorrectly on Facebook.

It should just be the exact URI the user came from on your site. I.e., in this case https://zeroplastic.bubbleapps.io/

And on your dev environment https://zeroplastic.bubbleapps.io/version-test/

So you’ll want to enter both into the redirect URI field in your Facebook app’s settings.

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Added the 2 URI you suggested, still get the same error :

Any other suggestions?
Many thanks

You need to add the API url, shown in Bubble’s settings in the FB plugin. It will look like www.yourdomain.com/API/1.1/oauth_redirect or something like that, and you should check the “use generic redirect url” in the FB plugin. That makes any FB call from Bubble redirect back to the appropriate page on Bubble

Like this:

Hi guys,
I am experiencing the same issue, but when I take these steps,
I still get this error (sorry it;s in dutch)
Anyone has seen this before?

Just confirming, is this checkbox checked? It should be checked.