Facebook login/signup long wait until it loads the homepage


I’ve set up a Facebook Login/Signup in my Bubble App and the issue is the following:

  1. Click on “login with facebook”
  2. Accept terms on facebook
  3. The system brings me back into the Login/Signup page of my Bubble App and just wait around 3s, until when it brings me to the homepage as result of a successfull facebook login

My question is: can I execute any action in those 3 seconds of wait? For example I would like to show a loading image so the user understand he must wait and nothing more

Hi, any help on this?

I did exactly that with Twitter Auth.
I used a “Do when condition is true” and is should be something like: “Do when This URL contains oauth” - because when the user is coming back from Twitter the URL has some parameter I can catch. And then I hide everything and show a “Please wait” sign.

Maybe you can have a look it there is something similiar in the URL when your user returns from FB?

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Just checking in here to see if you actually got this to work with the Facebook login. I am having the same issue and would like to display a loading icon during those 3 seconds after a page refresh, but I am not seeing oauth or really any other parameter in the URL.

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