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Facebook messenger mobile

hello. when you try to enable a user to send a fb message. it does not work if this action is done on a mobile device. please advise asap thank you

Can you provide more information? It’s always helpful to provide a link to the website, to the Bubble editor, and maybe a screenshot or two so we can help diagnose.

i have a pretty standard workflow. logged in user clicks ‘invite friends’, then send facebook message.

on laptop, this works fine by opening fb. but that error message occurs on mobile

@emmanuel any thoughts on what’s happening here with this bug

@NigelG do you have insight on this?

This is a facebook message, not a Bubble message, so it’s more a question for Facebook.

so there’s no way to send a user to fb on mobile like that for messaging?

i understand your answer / position on the matter. but enabling people to connect to fb in this way is basically listed as a core workflow, as it should be. so it should work, espcially since we’re talking mobile, messaging, and facebook all at the same time

You can’t do a “send” on a mobile device it seems. You can share to your feed however, so that might be an alternative ?

how do you do that?

i found a solution. by using the add this (add any) plugin

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