Facebook messenger to bubble io website integration

Hello guys, I’m trying to use the api connector to connect my facebook messenger to my bubble website to be able to receive and send message from the website, any ideas will be highly appreciated

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Hi there,

Nice challenge you are tackling here!

Is this possible by Facebook’s dev documentation?

Well… for the lolz… This is the curl command to paste in bubble that chatgpt suggests :

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
  "recipient": {
    "id": "<USER_ID>"
  "message": {
    "text": "hello world"
}' "https://graph.facebook.com/v12.0/me/messages?access_token=<PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN>"

Make sure to replace <USER_ID> with the recipient’s user ID and <PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN> with a valid Page access token for your Facebook Page. You can obtain a Page access token by following the instructions in the Facebook Developer documentation.

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I guess its working, but the newest version is v16.0. Also I would say there is a little mistake with „me“.

But for the author of the thread its not too difficult to set this up via api connector.

The next step would be to set up webhooks to retrieve new messages immediately.

There is but I’m finding it a bit difficult to set up

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How do I do this please?

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meta has a decent documentation here about their api and webhooks and how to set up everything:

They have also the graph explorer tool, where you can test anything.


Can jump on a call with you for a little fee.

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