Facebook photos issue

Apps trying to fetch facebook profile picture using bubble’s facebook plugin are seeing this error in some browsers. There’s tickets in facebook developer community about this (Log into Facebook) issue.
I’m wondering:
(1) does bubble facebook plugin needs to be updated.
(2) is anyone else who’s using the facebook plugin seeing similar issue


I’m seeing this issue as well. Profile images are not displaying. There do seem to be mulitiple FB developer bug reports about this and what must be related issues. In the Data browser in Bubble, trying to “see” a user’s FB profile pic gives:

This lookaside.facebook.com page can’t be found
No webpage was found for the web address: https://lookaside.facebook.com/platform/profilepic/?asid=1[I’ve deleted actual URL]


Have you reported with to Bubble support?

I found a solution. I use the :saved to s3 option while setting a photo

Well, you’re using the built-in FB login/register plugin? I personally don’t have ANY custom code installed around interaction with FB. The login/register thing at present, will create a user profile that links to this FB URL (lookaside.etc.etc…) and it is this URL that returns a 404. It’s been happening on mobile for a while, but it has now migrated to desktop browsers.

Anyone using the built-in login with FB feature in Bubble, should be experiencing the same thing.


(Point is: I do not want to modify how Bubble does this automagically. It’s broken and the brokenness is POSSIBLY on FB’s side, but it could be that the bubble FB plugins need update – I’m not sure.)

While your fix works for you, it’s not really the best solution to this issue.

OK weird: I just tested register via FB using a brand new FB test user account and the image displays properly. Also, new account image can be grabbed. So, I guess this was just (1) broken on FB end for a while but (2) is now fixed. It does seem that it screwed up any existing profiles. Forcing a refresh of the profile image via “Make Changes to a Thing (user’s profile image) > Source: User’s FB profile picture” fixes the issue.

The new https://lookaside.facebook.com/platform/profilepic/etc. link that it stores is now correct/valid (it does force a download of the image, however, if you click in the Data view. Seems to be something FB did on their end to repair the issue. (I’ve seen folks complain about that in the bug threads related. However, in terms of Bubble, I guess this is “fixed”.)

Best Regards,

I am using the built-in Facebook plugin.
I have a field photo on user. I just save the users’s Facebook profile pic:saved to s3 in this field. Then I use the field across the app.

I don’t think I ever mentioned using a custom code. Also, you should determine whether the fix is the best solution / not for you after trying it

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