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Hi everyone,

I’m currently launching an app built on the Bubble platform and we’re running in to some problems/limitations when it comes to integrating the Facebook SDK for remarketing purposes.

Does anyone else have experience of a plug-in available on Bubble which enables the integration of tracking? There are simple events we cannot track via Bubble for our paid-social campaigns such as app installs which mean that the algorithm behind social platforms that helps target audiences is not working optimally and is leading to gargantuan ad spend.

It would be interesting to know whether anyone has been able to properly integrate the Facebook SDK (and how?!) or if there’s an alternative that would allow us to get this all linked up properly. As I say, the purpose of this is really about being able to successfully link and monitor our paid-social campaigns to customer acquisition.

Any help appreciated!

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Hey Lex,

Here is some info on connecting the Facebook SDK - not a step-by-step, but give a general overview of what is needed to connect your users.

Regarding analytics, there are two high-level types: organic and paid. Organic are just regular posts and use the standard Facebook API. Paid are analytics on ads and require the use of Facebook’s Marketing API.

Here are some Facebook analytics examples from organic posts - click through the > on the “Response” to see the FB data. Disclosure: example from my site’s API.

Are you looking for organic or paid/ads?

Finally here is some info on the Marketing API: Marketing API - Documentation - Meta for Developers

Hi gbourne,

Thanks for the response on this!

We’re looking for analytics on the paid side of things. We have access to everything on the back-end in the fb business manager, however we can’t seem to link our pixel to anything inside Bubble. Do you have experience in linking the conversions API to Bubble, because this seems to be where we’re having all of our problems…

Greatly appreciate anything you can offer to drive us in the right direction on this!


Well, I think there are two approaches - haven’t done this specifically for the FB pixel. First, get the Javascript code FB gives your for inserting the pixel. Next, your goal is to run said JS in Bubble on every page.

  1. Create a plugin with the Facebook JS pixel code. Creating a plugin isn’t that bad.
  2. Add an HTML element on each page with the element tags and put the FB JS code between the script elements.

Hi @lex , I want to run App Install/Download paid campaign on FB. Are you able to track (Bubble) app installation events from Play Store / App Store? Mind sharing how do you do it?

@lex @faisalkarimstubapp hey there! where you able to solve the installs tracking issue?
My app is wrapped using bdk, but i have no clues on how to add the sdk to start tracking…

Hi have given up on this. I am building native app using Flutterflow, check it out