Social media api integration

How do I use bubble to use social media api integrations such as facebook api. I’m new to bubble visual programming and am learning. Any help would be appreciated…

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Hello. Ok well I guess no one is responding to help me with my vision. So let me try this. Is there anyone I can “HIRE” to help me with this endeavor??

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At this point, we need to know a little more about what you want to achieve with the app you have in mind.

What will it do?
Why do you want to connect to Facebook?
What data do you want from Facebook?
What will you do/display with that data?

So far you’ve basically said the equivalent of “I want someone to help me build a building” - without more specifics, so one knows how they can help.

Yes thank you for the reply. I would like to build a web app where clients can sign and plug in all their social media account(as many as I can Integrate for this). Then as a result they will have as much analytics as possible to their social media accounts including and starting with ads. But also maybe posting stats like any engagements on their posts(comments, likes, video views, shares, etc. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks @andrew1


Right, first off go through and complete the basic tutorials on the Bubble website - this will get you started.

Then you might want to follow some more advanced courses, like over at or this Udemy course:

At some point you’ll need to start getting familiar with the Bubble API:

As well as API docs for the major social media platforms:

My advice, start slow, built practice apps and gain confidence. The Bubble learning curve can be steep depending on your background… but most people start to really make progress after about a month, sometimes less if you throw yourself in full time

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You will need to have deep understanding of the Platform APIs and how bubbles API connector works. As well as OAUTH to allow them to link their accounts to your app.

All doable. But fairly complex.

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ok nice. That’s what I needed. To know what I needed to study and practice. Building practice apps is great advice in my opinion.Thank you so much guys. Any other suggestions and advice is welcome…


We wrote up a guide on how to post to Social Media from using the Ayrshare Bubble Plugin. It allows you to post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Reddit with images or videos. Also supports multiple clients or users.