Facebook Sign up/Login Plugin

I’ve been able to install and successfully test the Facebook Sign up/Login plugin on the signing up a new user process.

But in the event an existing user that signed up with the Facebook plugin, what is the correct workflow when then need to sign back in? Here are my concerns:

  • News users (not previously sign up) use the FB button to sign in. Essentially there isn’t a password associated with this person. What happens with this?

Or is it because they signed up with the Facebook Authentication they essentially don’t have a stored password in Bubble?

For a user already having a Bubble account and trying to login with FB or OAUth, here are three scenarios:

  1. They are logged on their Bubble account, and their FB email is the same as their Bubble email–> now if they authenticate with FB, Bubble will associate the FB with the existing Bubble account and they can log in with Bubble or FB thereafter
  2. They are logged out from their Bubble account, and their FB email is the same as their Bubble email --> on trying to authenticate with FB, Bubble will generate an error saying that an account with that email already exists
  3. If the FB and Bubble emails are different: they will have two separate user accounts linked with the respective email

And yes, for new users, who don’t have a Bubble account and who authenticate with FB, they will get a new Bubble account without a Bubble password

Awesome, thank you really appreciate your help. Other than setting up the Facebook Sign up/Login workflows. To protect my users from themselves and any unforeseen errors of course should I add any conditional workflows?

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Hi! Thanks for your posts. Could you explain to me why i cannot find any data on the user that created a profile via facebook login button?

When someone signs up with Facebook, does it create a New User Thing or does it modify an Existing User Thing?