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I have installed the Facebook login (with Bubble plugin) and it works perfectly for new users. But I have some trouble with existing users.

In fact, when a user signs up with my connexion system and then come back to my website and wants to connect with Facebook (to save time), it’s not working. Here is the message :

So my question is : is it possible to connect with Facebook for existing user ? Otherwise, the user who signs up with normal system can’t connect to my website with Facebook ?

Here is the workflow :

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Is there any one who has already faced this issue ?

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Here’s how Bubble handles this.

  1. If the user is already logged in using email/Bubble, and then while logged in, initiates an OAuth (whether, Google, FB, or something else), Bubble associates the logged in user with the new OAuth. Subsequently, that user can log in with email/Bubble, or with OAuth

  2. If the user is logged out, and then tries to initiate OAuth while logged out, Bubble tries to sign the user up - resulting in the message you get. Partly, this is because there is no difference between a sign up and a log in in the OAuth process.

So the solution is do 1) if you want to add FB, Google, or some other log in to an existing user.

Thank you @deadpoetnsp !

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if I understood correctly, for option#1 you’re suggesting to do an email/bubble signup then trigger the FB sign up process? although that might confuse the user because they will login with email and suddenly they will see a Facebook screen…did I get it right?

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