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Fancy Image Animations

I am wondering if anyone knows a way to pull off the animations shown on this website?

Please scroll through the whole page. I am interested in anything that might be able to imitate this. Thank you so much!

Well, if you’d be building the website outside of Bubble, this would be relatively easy. There are a lot of JS libraries that you can use to create these effects: or for example.

However, with Bubble, I don’t think you can use these. (Since, as far as I know, Bubble doesn’t support custom javascript? Not completely sure though — I’m also fairly new with Bubble…)

But, maybe you can try to recreate something like it in Bubble: Bubble has the option to get the users’ scrolling position, so you could try something like ‘if user is scrolled down 600 pixels, animate object X’ or something. Bubble also has the option to add parallax to your background image, so that helps to create some idea of depth into your design. (Double click your page in the editor, add a background image and select ‘add parallax’ or something.)

Hope that helps a bit! :slight_smile:

Bubble does support custom javascript. We use the Toolbox plugin to do so, then run the JS within a workflow.

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