How to animate or go about the zoom pictures

Hello, I need someone to tell me how to go about animation on bubble, as you scroll up/down the page word, pictures, text, lines and shapes animation as you scroll, how can I go about that?

Hey @ojebodeayobami80,

This question has many answers, but most use cases will be solved with custom CSS.

If you are not comfortable with CSS, no problem, follow this guide for achieving animations in Bubble with scroll.

If we, for example, wanted to animate an icon as we reach a certain point on the page, we could do the following.

The above GIF achieved this by setting a workflow called Do when condition is true then attaching an Only When that checks that the page’s current page scrolling position is 15. Once the requested position was achieved, we animated the icon.

If you would like some help on CSS, let us know, and I will leave some instructions on CSS animations.


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