FEATURE REQUEST: Ability To Set 2 Different Plugin Instances/Settings

I have the need for the same to work with two different sets of api keys/credentials.

Need a way to label the plugin and install it so that you can install it twice and use it seperately within the application!

@Bubble @emmanuel

What about cloning the plugin into a slightly differently named fork?

Can this be done with any plugin, including Bubble created plugins?

And will it allow two sets of api keys and 2 labels for each call?

Not including Bubble created plugins since we can’t fork them. It only works with plugins you can fork/clone.

Then I believe that yes, you’d have different names and keys. A workaround, for sure. Anyway the feature you suggested would be easier.

Yes it’s a bubble plugin that i’m trying to do this too.

Would be good to be able to label it and install it multiple times.

How can this be done with @copilot’s stripe.js so that i can use two sets of api keys for stripe in the one app?

How does one clone a plugin?

Not easy to clone since the fork button is greyed out. Try forwarding to them your feature request.

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