Multiple Stripe Plugins Getting Confused (Help)

Hi bubble community,

I am quite new to bubble (Working on bubble since 3 months)
This is the first time i am trying to add payment feature to my project.
So we decided to use “Stripe” but when i type “Stripe” in plugins section i see lot of stripe plugins.

  • Can anyone please explain me when should i go for other stripe plugins (which are not created by bubble) ?
  • What are the other advantages of these extra “Stripe” plugins ?

Thanks for your answers :slightly_smiling_face:

Same question from my side too.
Can anybody help please ?

It really comes down to what you need to to (and how much of Stripe’s functionality you need)…

There are really only a couple of general Stripe plugins worth looking at (in my opinion) - the rest are for more specific things like accessing the customer portal, or working with specific templates, so they depend on what you need…

The Bubble built plugin is the simplest to use, and is great for simple integrations.

Stripe.js is basically the entire Stripe API, plus the Stripe elements pre-built UI components in a plugin - so great if you need more flexibility, or want to incorporate the payment process directly into your app (rather than using Stripe checkout), without setting up your own API calls.

But, all plugins have limitations, so if you need complete flexibility and control with your Stripe integration then you’re better off setting up your own API calls in your app instead.

So, as I said, it really comes down to what you need and what you’re trying to do.

Personally, if you want to keep things simple, I’d go with the Bubble plugin.

If you need more control, then forget about using a plugin and set up your own API calls (it’s not that difficult to do).

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Thanks for your detail explanation…
Do you know any tutorial/Article of setting up Stripe API…