Feature REQUEST ASAP on billing

Hey @bubble

I think that I’m not the only one here with this issue.
We have an account that keeps all of our apps. That’s cool, central management.
But then again, each app is different, and I want to use different bubble plans on each. That’s cool, it’s implemented!
Now, I want to be able to be charged separately on each individual bubble app with its own plan.
For example:

Bubble app 1 - personal plan - personal credit card.
Bubble app 2 - professional plan - business #1 credit card.
Bubble app 3 - professional plan - business #2 credit card.
As I have more than 1 business and I need accounting to be separate.

How fast can you implement this please?
Thank you!


P.S. It’s better and easier to have one account, my own, and all the bubble apps in that one with different payment profiles for each of them, than to create multiple bubble accounts.


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