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[Feature Request] Error in Logs, or let us manage errors responses

For instance if one of my user tries to send a text message with an incorrect phone number, he get an error alert (in English). Fine. but I don’t get informed. And there is no way for me to create a new “Alerts” in the ddb since I don’t get the info it happened.

If a plugin is down… I may not get informed before a user email me @support.

Managing errors or bugs is so important in a real world, right :slight_smile: ? We (Bubble users) are supposed to be our app’s admin… but we can’t know what’s going on on our app. And I’m very concerned about any kind of error. Personally I’ve had in the past errors with : Twilio, SelectPDF, Email, Blockspring, Zapier, Google’ Shorten URL, Facebook connect. Sometimes because of me or even some on bubble side. @emmanuel, hope you understand my concern here.

And about error with actions run in the API it is worst, since nobody will ever know if an error occurs… Last week there were a bug with SelectPdf. I had some important workflows stop running to their end. It took me several hours to find it out the reason was this plugin !
Have you thought to an alert log system later on ?

Also, to go a step further, “error responses” can be as important as the expected HTTP 200 “correct” answer and should be used to decide what should be the next workflow to run. Trying to connecting more and more with 3rd party services, I see here a growing limitation.


I saw that Twilio has a clear approach about it. There are Events for all the normal actions and also Alerts so all the things which get wrong are logged.

@NicolasDap - I’m in a similar situation, I need to initiate workflows based on the HTTP error codes endpoints return while using the bubble API connector. Have you been able to find a solution / workaround?

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