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Fetching mobile users contact list

I want to build an app where I can offer a reward to the users when they invite their friends,
I want to fetch the user’s contact list from their phone and user will be able to select the friends they want to invite and the app will send an invitation text to those friends.

Is contact fetching something that will be, or even can be added to bubble?

When we’ll have native apps, probably. Until then, I don’t think it’s even possible, for security reasons. It’d be scary is a web app could get all contacts of the phone.

I’ve found this info

"There is no API in JavaScript to fetch the address book content in Mobile Web application BUT the PhoneGap have made it available through the plugins So they have exposed the Phone Contact list through Contact JS class,

Follow the below link to play with phone Contact list .
As we use phonegap to create the IPA file, what do I have to do to enable this feature in phonegap?

We’d have to add this as a plugin. We’ll get into this when we’ll be out of beta for native apps. Right now it’s a bit early.

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Hi Emmanuel,

I hope all is well.

Are there any updates on being able to send invites via text message in native apps?


Don M