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Hello everyone, friends!)
I am creating a mobile application and faced with the need to make the following functions for the application:

  1. Give the application access to the user’s contacts (to see which of the friends in the application already have and interact with them).
  2. During registration, a message with a confirmation code for registration was received on the mobile phone (without e-mail during registration).
  3. Entry by invitation (invait as ClubHose).
    Please tell me how best to implement this functionality? perhaps through which plugin?

Hello @stepanovxz and welcome to the community!

Create your dB structure

Name (text)
User (user)

Title (text)
Comment (text)
User (user)
Confirmation code (text)

Create your UI

Create a page with dimensions for mobile and visibility flows so that add all necessary visual elements to display the data are done via one-page browser actions. This way you can wrap this page into a native mobile app through a wrapping service.
For the users contacts a repeating group should do the job

Create your workflows

  1. CRUD workflows for users contacts (create, read, update, delete). These take place in the workflows tab of the editor using events like when a button is clicked and actions like “create a new thing” or “make changes to a thing” should do the job.
  2. Create a signup workflow where one of the steps in “make changes to a thing” is to generate a random confirmation code like this:
  3. Entry by invitation is a more elaborate endeavour but easily doable with Bubble logic.

Hope the above provides a macro view of how to approach your project.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, I’ll figure it out now.

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