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Rather than making a page to display the 10 fields of a data type in my DB (first name, last name, email, linkedin, etc.), and doing a popup for the create / update, I would like to understand how to do everything in the same page, with “edit” icons next to each field, which makes the field editable and displays icons validate / cancel the editing time. Using only text inputs, changing the style when we are not editing so that it looks like a normal text field, and making it non-editable by default - that works well. A workflow that changes a custom state when you click on the edit icon and voila :slight_smile:

Except that I have to do this 10 or 15 times. And create 10 or 15 custom states, 10 or 15 times almost the same workflow etc - it finally seems quite heavy (compared to a popup). In reality I would like to create a group that can take as input a variable name and a data source (for example variable = email and data source = current page User), and that it does what it takes for everything the rest with a typical workflow (and not copy / paste, updating the variable to be updated in the make change to thing etc.). I thought to myself that the name of the variable in question could be stored in a custom state variableName of the group (and therefore finally add a variable with this process, it would just be a copy / paste from this group or reusable element and update the name of the variable in the custom state of this group) - but when for example I put a dynamic data “current page’s users’ XXX”, I can’t put XXX = this group’s variableName.

=> to summarize :slight_smile: How to dynamically choose the field to update during a make changes to thing?

Put an input element on the page…style it so it looks like plain text and check the input is disabled

Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 12.36.21 AM

Then next to it put the edit icon and workflow for when it is clicked to change a custom state on any element you want and make a conditional on the input element that when met, will change the style to look like an input, will also make it enabled

Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 12.39.29 AM

You can not dynamically choose the field to update because the field choice is not dynamic…you could set conditionals and create even more development work to have a conditional for each workflow update action to determine which field to update.

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