Save Display/Conditional to DB

Hi Bubblers

Am trying to create a data field (Item Name) out of 3 other data fields (Item Brand, Item Color, Item Category). Displaying this information is simple (Appearance: dynamic values of those fields and a conditional to change text if Item Category is ‘Other’), but getting this displayed info saved to the DB field is trickier. Tried doing this when creating item in WF (Item Name=dynamic values of three fields) but can’t add conditional. Also tried adding a custom state (Item Name Display, Text) to the page element ‘Text Item Name’ but the when setting the state value in the WF i am only able to add 1 dynamic expression instead of 3 and don’t seem to be able to add the conditional.

Any ideas?
Many thanks

It should be as simple (more or less) as what you’re doing in your text element…

You don’t need a conditional, you can just use a Boolean expression formatted as text…

So when creating the thing in your workflow, just use the following expression to set the ‘Item Name’ field:

input item brand's value Dropdown Colour's value Dropdown Cateogory's value is Other: formatted as text

Value for ‘Yes’: whatever you want to change the text to
Value for ‘No’: Dropdown Category's value

Thanks for this!