Field list showing up as string comma text instead of list

Hi there,

Im new to bubble and am trying to get my head around DB set ups and list generation/display.

Cut a long story short; list of addresses/PH numbers/Etc all shows up as comma separated text when displayed in repeating group.

For example; 123 Jump St, 456 Station RD.

Instead I’m trying to have it present as follows;

123 Jump St
456 Station RD

This is all linked to client unique ID which loads on customer card which may have multiple addresses or phone numbers etc etc.

Is my formatting off or should I have these entered as single line items within the DB instead of a field (list) option?


What is your RG datasource?

And what is the text element inside showing? (what is it’s dynamic data source?)

Thanks for reaching out!

As it turns out, I misunderstood the purpose/function of lists so all sorted now. Thanks!!

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