File Database Structure Performance


Hope you all are well.

I am wanting to come up with a better file structure system.
Basically what I have at the moment is a table called ‘folder’, with a column being a list of file URLs of all URLs in this folder. (s3 URLs)
I am wanting to add more metadata to the files tho, for example file name, size, preview URL, back up url (and other internal metadata)

I can create a table for file and have columns for all metadata I need, but I’m worried about how this will affect search speed, and if its something I should be worried about. For example to load one folder, then it would need to go do a search for the files, which could be like 20 or more.
Then later on, i might need to load multiple folders, meaning multiple file searches for each folder.

My first thought is to do it nosql way, for example have a folder table, with column with a object of all files information, like nosql/json, but i cant find a good way to work with json/things in a row within

Does anyone have any opinions on this, like am i worrying about the search speed too much if i was to set up another folder for files?

Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Cheers, Haydn