Need Help with folder's structure

Hello. So I am making a folder system. I need all the attached files (that are uploaded on another page called “Daily Logs”) to automatically store themselves in a folder in the folder system called “Attached Files”. I need to let also the user to make new folders (by clicking a button called “New Folder”) and near the folder’s name, there will be a button called “Upload file” and then the uploaded file will be stored in the newly created folder. So I just began with the “Attached files” folder but it is not listing the uploaded files.

I know there are mistakes but I can’t identify them. If anyone can help me or point me in the correct direction, that will e great. Thanks in advance!

I think Attached field have the real files on Post table. try to list this field, you can see the orignal files you have uploaded.

Otherwise share the bubble editor url. will check it.

yes of course.

Unable to edit / view the data in the database.

Check now please

Kindly check now.

thank you so much. Really appreciated!! Is it possible to make a new folder by clicking on a button?

can you please tell me how to add stuff? I tried to add some files but I can’t see them in the folders.
Thanks again!

Yes, possible. you can make it.

Add new button
open the popup
add input and button.
behind this button add workflow to add/update the folder information to database.

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