File not showing

Hi there,

I have my users upload a file when signing up or later uploading it in their profile.

Then the users can schedule a service and the file is sent and attached in the new booking that’s created.

My problem that I’m running into is that the other user cannot open the file. It’s getting the error that the server cannot be found. How do I send the file? As a URL? S3?

Really appreciate the help.

Willing to pay someone to help me find the answer to this! This is really crucial to my business model, please please!

Can you paste the text of the link that’s getting generated? It may just be as simple as a malformed link that you can fix in the email body itself.

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Hi Andrew, thank you for the reply.

Here is my general workflow:

Booking is created:
(I’ve tried it as files URL, S3, and basically all the options).

Other user’s cell that needs to look at the file:

URL when trying to click on it:

Please let me know if I need to elaborate further.

That link doesn’t look like a valid link for this type of think. I’m not sure why you’re using the :saved to s3 command here. What is the purpose of that?

I would be creating the file as a type “file” in the DB, then to access it, all you’d need to reference is the file itself. It should automatically provide the link. I’m not sure how you have it set up, but this looks more complicated, and apparently isn’t working. Could you explain why you’re trying this approach?

I was just trying all the options. Even if I just have it just the regular “Current users resume”, when trying to open it it won’t find it.

What does the URL look like in that case?

The exact same. If I’m not mistaken, shouldn’t it be an amazon server link?

How are you creating the original resume in the first place?

I have it like this:


Should it be different?

That looks right to me. If you want to send me the link to your editor, set to anyone can view, I’d be happy to take a look when I get near a computer