Show private file from file manger in editor how to

So I have created my api call that allows me to get a data and a file from an external service and then it uses the fileupload API post action and save this file to my bubble s3 storage. I have also made this file private and attached it to a thing in my data. So far so good and its all working

the bit i can’t work out is how to display this file back to a user

so they would search for a record with the above file from the external service and its linked to the result, but i cant display the file from the storage.

I have tried saving it as an attachment but when using the view link in the editor it says the page cannot be found and gives me the url, with fileupload in it not the s3 .

I have tried to use the saved to s3 to get the url and pass this to a text field in my records, but it still give me the fileupload link

Additionally I have tried the find and replace action to change the url but this is not any better as it then does not give the access keys to view the file

API POST URL - my app url /fileupload/d50/fileid/file name

File manger link appforest_uf/d50/fileid/filename?AWSAccessKeyId…

any help would be welcome