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FileStack Integration via API

Can Bubble work with Filestack? I want to incorporate their image cropping capabilities into my site. Has anyone tried this?

I think it would work. Have you tried to go to Settings/API in bubble and add your Filestack info to see if the API becomes available?

Yeah, I have no idea how to set the API… I’m a designer by trade… I understand they theory but not in practice. Is it where you’re suppose to input the GET API call?

I’ve tried it… but I don’t think I’m doing this right… ha

There were a couple of good videos done that show how to integrate with an api:

I agree - I don’t think you have the GET defined right - look at this doc in Filestack and follow their instructions:

Of note their sample code scrolls far right so be sure to keep scrolling to copy the entire code and modify to your specifics.

With the videos above you should be able to figure out to populate the Headers as well - I think you need to set the file type there.

Most importantly - just try a few different options I’m sure you’re very close to getting it to work with this but it will take a little experimentation to get it going :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I will try them. Although, I try to get people from FileStack to help and they couldn’t seem to figure it out… so we’ll see!

Also I was looking in the bubble docs and ran across @emmanuel recommending to use postman to figure out how the api works so you can then access it from bubble. Postman is like an api tester that lets you see what the api calls do and return so you can then understand how to use it in bubble. So highly recommend you try it out.

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Thanks… I’ll check it out. Although I’ve been testing with their widget where I just copy the code onto the HTML. It seems to be kinda working, but having problem retrieving image of a recently uploaded image. I may need to do more research…