Uploading images from dropsource to bubble

How do I do this on bubble?

Depending on your need this may help,

when i open the Plug Bubble link I get a message that says

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Here you go, https://pbservices.bubbleapps.io

I clicked get plugin but it just sent me to a popup page with no way to connect the plugin to my app is the website just a an add for plugins on the app market? also on your website some of your plugins say $10 but on the bubble marketplace they say $10 per month which amount is correct?

Hi @andymiller510, did you read this post in the dropsource forum?

thats exactly what I did. I uploaded my images from dropsource encoded as base64 code and the endpoint was set to receive images but whenever I uploaded ran this I always came back with an api failure. the tutorial skips a whole tutorial of how to get to and edit the code of the json object

Did you read the Steps 3 and 4 in the link i posted?

amazingly now it opens its at. (https://iwish.bubbleapps.io/api/1.1/meta/swagger.json) but still, I don’t want to have to search through 3498 lines of code to find and change those 4 things especially because people in forums are saying I’ll have to do this again everytime I update my application, at this point I’m willing to pay for a plugin that doesn’t have a monthly so I can just upload images from dropsource to my bubble database and bring them back to dropsource

I guess for now I’ll try it but im not a coder so I hope I don’t mess things up but I seriously would pay for a permanent solution

Hope so you had resolved this issue, if so can you please guide me ?
I am testing it from postman, on post request I get a success response but when I open the s3 link in bubble database which has been created for the base 64 encoded image coming from postman it gives me this

It was resolved by passing base64 without the prefix data:image/png;base64,

Can be done with this plugin via the Base64 Upload action