Fill in the gap with user info!

Hi guys, first time using bubble and posting on the forum so please go easy on me!

I am wondering if there was a way to create my idea?

I would like to build a form that a user fills out. For example

With this info inputted, I would like a paragraph of text that generates with their data for example “Hi! I’m Harry, I offer services in copywriting!. I can help by writing your social media content”

Is there a way to do this?

Hope this makes sense?

Hi there, @gwinnellh… you can definitely do what you described, and to get right to the punchline, here is what a text element that displays the paragraph with the dynamically-generated text could look like.


In this example, I have fields on the User data type that are storing the information the user entered on the form. Oh, and the services are being driven from an option set. You wouldn’t have to do it the same way, of course, but again, what you described is doable and quite easy once you start getting the hang of the basics of Bubble.

If you haven’t done Bubble’s tutorials yet, I would recommend starting there. You also can’t go wrong by checking out this video from one of the best Bubblers to ever, well, bubble.

Hope this helps.