Using form inputs to create strings/paragraph text

Hi Everyone! I’m a newbie to Bubble but have fallen in love with the easy of use and flexibility of the platform in comparison to the other no-code solutions there. I’m still figuring my way around here so sorry if someone has already answered this.

I am trying to use form inputs to create a dynamic block of text, in the app i’m working on surveyors fill out a form and mark each item as a yes/no or as scale of good/fair/poor. My goal is to use these inputs to create a standard text substituting specific words in a paragraph with the surveyor’s selections.

Basically turn this:

into this:

Has anyone tried something similar before or can point me in the right direction. I have highlighted in red the input/reply on the form and how/where I would like this input to go. The main text is usually the same only with these conditions/replies changing from report to report.

Many thanks in advance!

Wow, did you figure this out? I’m looking for a solution to this too.