(filled) Short term freelance gig

Hey all,

I am hoping that I am not asking for too much here, but I am looking for a freelancer that has space for a gig that might last for 2 months. I am hoping they are available for part time - full time.

I am looking to spend around $25 per hour. I know that is not what agencies charge, that is why I am looking for a freelancer.

If you are interested, please reach out to me and share any work you have already completed.

I have a fully written out scope of work and loom videos that go with it to explain everything. There is very little built already so there is little need to work out what I have already done.

Look forward to talking to someone soon.

All the best,

Hi @ben4, Could you explain to me what you would like to do to move forward together on this idea?

Hello @ben4

I am interested for following position.

Please let me know if job is still open ?