Make simple marketplace

I need a freelancer on the hourly basis to create a product with Bubble.Is
I consider rates around 4-5$/h. But we could discuss your proposals.
Pls, provide me with your previous experience as well in PM.

I prefer to work with Russian/Ukrainian speaking people.
but it is not mandatory.



Hope you are doing well!

I can assist you with your requirements. Please mail me at: and skype: cis.troy

Looking forward


$4-5/hour is so absurdly low. I know payscales are different in areas outside of the US/EU, but don’t expect quality work at those rates. Market rate for a decent developer or designer (even a junior designer) is more like $50-150/hour.


Lets make a business, I will provide you with quality 5-10$ PHP/wp developers with percent :slight_smile:
I live in West Europe it is OK for our region, also you can check Indian guys on up work, the same.

As the other guy said its absurdly low budget. Maybe you want a freelancer pay for doing a job for you. Maybe.

I can’t AGREE more. Not sure why the moderators allow such post! This is ridiculous! As you said, $50-$100 USD/HOUR!

I can’t speak for the other moderators, I’ve allowed the post for 2 reasons:

  • It’s helpful for folks to get some visibility and feedback into what their budgets should be, reasonably
  • There might be someone on the forum willing to work for that rate, if they’re a beginner or hobbyist or something like that

I certainly don’t agree with the pricing whatsoever, but it’s not necessarily my job to regulate the offers. If it’s legit, and someone wants to take the gig, that’s on them.


Sorry for shocking you, but in West Europe, 4-5$ per hour for the junior developer is a very good rate, in India 3$ is a good and that people are able to create a product using programming, so what a problem to find “CMS clicker man” freelancer for 5$ per hour from West Europe/India region?

West Europe…? I think you mean East Europe…

Correct. sorry.

Sounds like an interesting project.
Certainly I can help and I would like to learn more.
This is my email address: and skype id: george-pligor
Many thanks